Singing In My Car Became My Morning Fuel

For the past couple of months I’ve been singing in my car, loud as hell, every single work day (and sometimes at weekends). I’ve been recording every singing session and sending it to a good friend of mine (And he does the same thing in return). I know, from the outside, it’s probably one of the dumbest things ever, but it really starts up my day in the best way and makes it much better. I’ll try to explain why I’m doing it, so if you see me singing my ass out, you’ll think I’m a bit less stupid than I look.

Morning Routine

So, to keep things organized, I’ll describe my morning routine:

7:00 – Wake up, take a shower, get dressed.

7:30 – Drink a cup of coffee (Sometimes at home, sometimes at my favorite cafe), and complete really simple tasks.

8:00 – Get in the car.

8:01 – Find a playlist on Spotify and record myself telling stories and improvising my own lyrics over the melody of the songs.

8:30 – Start my day on the best side.

That’s silly

I know, explaining my morning routine doesn’t make singing in my car not-silly, but the thing is, singing in my car is one of the most silliest things I do. Where else should I be silly if not in my own car, driving fast on the road, when no one hears me? Letting myself being silly is truly liberating, and makes me happier. So I say this – Be silly.



I sing in my car every week day. I drive about twenty minutes in each direction, and I sing during most of it. This is instead of listening to podcasts, an audiobook, or just thinking. Sure, there are mornings I just want to relax and drive silently, but I push myself to sing anyway and get that energy for the rest of the day. This routine has been going on for about six months. About 125 sessions X 20 minutes each – that’s 2,500 minutes of improvising. That shit takes consistency, and consistency is satisfying.

Practice Makes Perfect

I’m not saying I’m destined to be an improvising singer, but I do know this – when it comes to improvising and rhyming – I kick ass. I’ve had the cartesian product of so much words with so much rhyming words, that I’m pretty sure I can be called some kind of an expert.


If the whole thing wasn’t weird enough, all of my recordings are sent to a good friend of mine, who does the same thing and sends me his recordings. I know, that’s not quite a conventual way of having fun with friends, but we are having fun and making our friendship much greater.



In my mind, my explanation makes perfect sense – Singing in my car improves my willpower and consistency, liberates me, makes me a better improvisor, and makes my friendships stronger. What better things do I have to do when I’m driving to work? You might be sceptical, but I challenge you to do it and tell me about the impact of it to your life.

Do you have any silly morning routines or habits? Please let me know in the comments!

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