1. Tal

    Hi Omri,
    Data-driven x is a huge buzzword and anything can sort of be presented as data driven, I say to this to recommend you take my examples with a grain of salt.
    In the world of UI/UX think of A/B testing and other metrics that support funnel optimization. That is the ultimate data driven design in my opinion. I think that the responsibility to execute these things falls on product managers instead of designers or developers because designers and developers are there to execute and PMs are there to figure out what needs to be executed. So really they are doing data driven design, they just call it product management.

  2. Having worked in this domain for a while now I and my team have interfaced, on several occasions, with product managers from numerous companies and startups. And it is after condensing our collective experience can I say that, today’s world and product design environment demands that a product manager be a UI / UX designer and a UI / UX designer be a product manager. Lines between both these domains have blurred. It’s time.

    Design and data aren’t two different sports. They are merely different points of views of looking at solving the same problem. And it’s important to know how to navigate through them both. Many a times I’ve seen product managers, going by their traditional job description of course, fail at executing and rolling out a thought through and robust product, despite their analytical acuity. Having said that I’ve also seen designers fail to understand user behaviour and/or business goals and spend hours trying to shove down a design created within the confines of their own mental prejudices, artistic integrities and influences.

    Design cannot work without data. Data cannot work without design. And with organizational communication being what it is, more often than not, it makes sense for one brain or a set of like-minded brains to solve the problem factoring all variables made available to them. The perfect design is an outcome of a thorough understanding of user-behaviour, geographical behaviour, cultural backgrounds, information flow, design scaleability, business goals, future roadmaps and the perfect designer is someone who factors all this, especially user behaviour data, form their own metrics and keep re-iterating design.

    This area is of immense interest to me, as we too are a new agency based out of India focused on data-driven design. Still in our early stages, we’re factoring a lot of top level data (Currently from standard analytical tools) to understand user behaviour to keep iterating design.

    I’m super keen and would love to collaborate with designers and product managers across the world to form a strong standard of metrics that could become a good starting point for designers like ourselves to base our design related decisions not just on our intuition but also facts i.e. data.

    Nihar Manwatkar
    The Banana Design Company

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