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  1. Cuky

    I couldn’t agree more. Music drive my day too, and it helps me do tasks, to get from place to place and to force myself to do things I have a hard time doing without it.

    My mixtape is slightly different:
    Waking up – It is tough all right, so my alarm clock turns is actually my surround system turning on with my favorite radio station, which plays happy and upbeat songs in the morning. These help me to get out of bed, and sometimes if I know the song and love it I even jump out of bed and dance with myself. I really like oldies and classic 60’s and 70’s hits.
    Showering – I connected my PC to another pair of speakers that are on my bathroom wall, so I listen to the radio or to my personal music. I always play really happy songs, like disco or rock, or some of Frank Zappa’s interesting and funny compositions. In the shower I’m still sleepy, so I can’t really think about anything. Instead I just sing along and match my showering with the beat.
    Driving – I sing in my car too, so I tend to put on the most energetic and passionate music in order to boost myself with adrenaline and start my day with a smile. For example, 80’s rock, 90’s pop, 70’s psychedelic rock.
    At work – I usually don’t listen to music unless I really have to concentrate, because I don’t like listening to music with ear-/head-phones. When I am, it’s something I know well enough for not distracting me with surprises. Usually progressive rock, ska or fusion, like Camel, Hatfield and the North, King Crimson, etc.
    Studying – I don’t study well with music in my ears. I prefer doing it in silence.
    Working out – Must be something really uplifting and with a constant beat. It is usually hard rock or heavy metal (Extreme, Iron Maiden, Tyr, Symphony X, etc.)
    Cooking – I just love cooking with adrenaline (in me, not in the food), so I put a random “best house/club/beach mix 2014 compilation” playlist on Youtube. Like the bathroom, my PC is also connected to a third pair of speakers in my kitchen, for the best possible musical cooking experience.
    Chillin’ – any music that calms me, even if it is not “calm” by itself. For me, the most complex compositions of Frank Zappa and other progressive rock/metal bands are the most calming and familiar. Unfortunately my girlfriend doesn’t always like it (she likes MTV pop, calming folk music and old Israeli songs), so when we hang out together we find something that suits us both.

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