I’m a procrastinating idiot

My 2 cents on procrastinating, a couple of days before my last exam

I thought I wouldn’t write this week, because I’m too busy studying for my last exam for my Computer Science degree, although I formally finished the school year about half a year ago. Somehow I felt a sudden muse and a blast of motivation, so I thought I’d write about the reason I’m having a late last exam.

TL;DR: I’m procrastinating

The header kinda sums it all. If you’re in a rush — It won’t go much further than this. You can go back to whatever you’re doing.

Oh, you stayed! That’s sweet.

Anyhow, I feel there is nothing new to tell about procrastination, but I will tell you my perspective on the subject, followed by some details. In a deep research I’ve done:

I discovered a shocking result:

So, procrastination is a very common trait. You’re probably procrastinating. And as we know, it’s not a good trait. Procrastinating and then stuffing the whole work/study to a short period of time is not the right way for data to enter our brain and stay there.

You can’t listen to your whole music library in one hour

I recently wondered — Why does kids who start listening to rock always listen to those classic bands — AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses…? Why am I so fed up with these bands and why do a big part of my friends listen to progressive rock bands?

My full music library is about a couple of weeks

Because developing a music taste takes time. You got to let the basic stuff sink in, understand it, know what it makes you feel, and then continue — get more progressive, widen your variety of genres, create your own. Music is a great example for something that can’t be rushed and stuffed into a short period of time, because you just can’t listen to a 5 minutes song in 2 minutes. You just can’t. No double speed will give you the experience of a 5 minutes song ever.


Imagine the data you process is food you eat. If you need to eat 100 avocado sandwiches (If you’re not a big fan of avocado I suggest you start now), you will eat those sandwiches in a specific period of time. Let’s say you eat 2 for breakfast, 4 for lunch, and an additional 2 for dinner. That’s 8 sandwiches a day, and in 12.5 days you’ll achieve your amazing goal of eating 100 avocado sandwiches. Now, imagine eating those 100 sandwiches in one meal. You know what, one day. Even two days. That’s inhumane. Your body needs time to digest.

Having said that

We’re probably going to continue procrastinating. That’s what we, procrastinators, do. I mean, here I am, about to finish my well-procrastinated degree, preaching about the importance of not procrastinating. I managed to succeed despite it, and I probably will continue with this awful habit, but I’m keeping this in mind, and I’m hoping you also will — Some things are not procrastinatable. Try not to procrastinate the things that makes you feel good.

Procrastinatable not a word.

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