MailChimp blew my mind. Again.

How one product makes me fall in love every freakin’ time.

It was a sunny Sunday noon at the office (In Israel, Sunday is a work day). I typed “mailchi” and let the autocomplete lead the way. I wanted to check something about my account, when suddenly I saw this:

I wondered what are they up to now, and clicked on “See Campaign”. And then I entered one of the best pages I’ve ever visited ever since my mom connected my Windows 95 to the internet. I was sitting in my office, begging for someone to share the joy and excitement I was filled with after visiting this page. I was done sharing it with real people, I shared it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram… I had to make sure every single person watches this awesome page.

So, what was there?

Those geniuses down at MailChimp HQ decided to create 9 products that are a distortion of MailChimp’s name. I thought “well, that’s funny. Oh wait, there’s a link!” and then realized that every product has its own stunning website (and some of the products are even real physical products).

“Because we believe the best way to build relationships with customers, fans, or anyone else is to be yourself. For us, that means having some fun with our name”

The first one I clicked on, and my personal favorite was MailShrimp. “MailShrimp” is a short musical film, telling the story of a mail boy and his shrimp sandwich. I will say no more and let you watch the video:

There are two more short films, one nail art battle (NailChamp), broken chips (FailChips) and some other breathtaking sites for the weirdest products. It took me about half an hour to stop watching these sites and go back to work (not remembering what I wanted to do in MailChimp in the first place). Even though this was totally unproductive, and even very anti-productive, it left me dying for some more of MailChimp’s magic.

And boy, does MailChimp have magic

It’s nothing new that MailChimp knows how to make a user happy. From the sweaty finger above the red button, seconds before you hit send and release a newsletter for your whole mailing list, through the high five you get after actually sending the mail, to the bizarre “Fast Five Game”, in which you need to quickly high five hands, there is one feeling that’s clear about MailChimp — it’s so fun, it’s addictive.

It seems like MailChimp always prefer fun over anything else. And that’s a part of what MailChimp is. Its values are strong and clear — being fun and unique is more important than other pretty important stuff. I mean, sure, I found myself struggling with MailChimp a couple of times; It’s not a perfect product. But what MailChimp does better than any other product is make me fall in love with.

Fun = Smart

And you know what? Being fun is smart. Those masterpieces are amazing as they are, and I’ve already seen some of them viewed as an independent beautiful work (or, for instance, tasty chips). If I would’ve stumbled upon the MailShrimp film without knowing about MailChimp, I would probably search it online and end up understanding that this is a MailChimp campaign, enter MailChimp’s site, giving them lots and lots of traffic, and eventually even sign up.

I’m getting emotional

I don’t remember the last time a digital product made me get that excited. In my opinion, this courage to put so much effort in this esoteric page, and create those amazing imaginary non-related products, is what makes a product an unforgettable one.

Not to mention this campaign is actually a smart one!

Do you remember any other exciting and unusual campaign for a product? Please tell me about it in the comments.


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