1. Lala

    I absolutely agree. Though the ordeal goes even further.

    First time I saw this banner I was intimidated by it, like you described.
    However second time I saw it I thought “why not?”. I am grateful for their service and wish to make sure they stay loyal to their users and not to a mega corporate that might purchase them. So I donated.

    But the banner keeps on hunting me nonetheless! It did not go away. I’m not sure according to what they identify their users but with me they failed…

    • omritzek

      I totally agree! I believe these banners could be much more friendly, and Wikipedia’s just missing it. Plus, of course, we owe so much to this wonderful site, that it isn’t supposed to be so hard to persuade us.

  2. Anna

    I wish there was a nice happy button that said “already donated”.
    Because I did, so let me press it and get a “woohoo!” in return 🙂

    • omritzek

      You’re totally right, Anna! I’ve seen so many products that reward the user, for much less than actually giving money.

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