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Why designers should code

Lately I’ve been working on my portfolio. I haven’t programmed for a long time and I decided to code my portfolio from scratch, with no help of any automated site builders. I wanted to prove to myself I still got it, and also show I can code, as a crucial part of the portfolio. This got me wondering whether a designer should know how to code or not. Many designers have shared their thoughts about this topic and I wanted to share some of mine.

TL;DR: They should.


What film photography taught me

I've started photographing with film and it taught me a lot about life

As I mentioned in the weekly newsletter (sign up!), lately I’ve been trying photographing with an old Nikon 35mm camera. I wanted to learn about the whole photography and development process and make the best out of it. So, after I shot about five films, ruined a whole film by not inserting it right, had high hopes and some disappointments, I learned some things about life.


How I shaped my design character with non-design experiences

I’ve never learned proper graphic design. I studied fine arts at high-school and then learned programming and started working as a programmer. In some part of my career I decided to change my role and study UX design, to become a UX designer. This personal path shaped my point of view as a designer. Some points in this path are more design-related and some are less, but every one of them shaped me in a certain way that makes my whole design “character”. These points are:


Shit, I better start building my portfolio

For the past few days I’ve been sick with a cold in bed. This status made me detach from my day job chores and focus on my own goals. To be frank, my job doesn’t challenge me the way I want and I’m in a phase in my life I really want to get challenged and get better. In order to get better, I needed this silence to think about what I really want and how I intend to get there. The first thing was building a portfolio. So, there were couple of things I’ve been exposed to that helped me start working on it. I’ll share this process with you now.


5 Reasons To Love Chatbots

About a week ago I went to Chatbot Summit – the first international chatbot summit in Israel. The event was really cool and some really interesting speakers came to share their knowledge and experience.

The summit had 3 stages: The central stage, the conversational stage and the cognitive stage. Every stage was focused on a certain subject. I chose the conversational stage, that focused on creating the right conversation with the user. I found this to be the best fit for UX.

As you may have read before, in my previous post about chatbots, you know I’m a bit skeptical, but I must say, this summit got me exposed to the really fun and amazing part of the whole chatbot phenomena.

Chatbots are fun, easy and really engaging, and I think they’re here to stay. I’ve listed some reasons why chatbots are awesome:


How Multitasking Got Me 0% Productive

I gotta say, I’ve been a horrible doer the past week. I realized I was sitting in front of my computer, using my smartphone to chat with my friends, then get motivated to work on the computer, wasting time on Facebook, answering some calls, and finally finding out it’s lunch time. I can’t describe how frustrated I was when I looked back and measured my productivity that day. A few days ago I stumbled upon this article, that made me think again about being productive and left me with some important insights.

If you’re like me, I guess you’ve found yourself in an unproductive phase once or twice. I hope you would find my conclusions and tips helpful.


How To Design Better, Given Your Flaws

And why you shouldn't trust yourself

I’m a designer and I know I have lots of flaws and weaknesses, putting me far from being able to design the perfect product. I know I can’t trust myself, but that motivates me to idiot-proof my whole workflow. I help myself with any app and service there is, I test myself a hundred times and I make sure I’m doing the right job, before I publish it. This is my personal way of managing workflow, and if you’re having some (or all) of the self-management problems I’m having, I hope you’ll use these tools for your benefit (Also, at the end of the post you can sign up for the newsletter and get a checklist of this workflow for your personal use).


5 People That Inspire Me

And what value they gave me

As a creator, I feel like inspiration is one of the best things you could get. I just love that feeling of getting inspired. Also, inspiration often gets me motivated and happy when I’m depressed. I recently talked about my blog at the Side Project Accelerator Demo Day, and I remembered that a part of the main idea of this blog was to get inspiration from various places (not just design inspiration for designers, for instance), so I decided to bring up a group of people who aren’t designers that really inspire me as a creator, and list the value they give me. Let’s start.