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In Design We Trust

Interview With Tom Lahat from Tailor Brands


I’ve met Tom Lahat in his new office in Tel Aviv, in the midst of an extensive hiring round. His startup just recently doubled its size but Tom is still full of energy, he tells me that he plans to fill 20 more positions by the end of the year. Tom, Chief Product Officer at  Tailor Brands, a fast growing design startup that he co-founded together with Yali Saar, CEO, and Nadav Shatz, CTO, started his way as a graphic designer. Today, his startup designs branding for over 500,000 business worldwide, and is the first company to design all of its branding 100% automated, using only algorithms to do its work. It generates personalized business cards, presentation etc… Their site is really cool and if you need branding for your business, I suggest you check it out.


My girlfriend shoots the best coffee pictures

The Cup Of Coffee Attitude

How the lack of coffee made me more productive

A few months ago I had an issue of stress and high blood pressure, probably because I was in a pretty bad phase in my life. I went to a doctor to check if there’s anything medical that’s causing this, and he said I should lower the amount of coffee I drink. I had to go from about four cups a day to a maximum of two. I can’t say this method had a good impact on me – I had a lot of headaches and felt pretty dizzy all the time, but it did teach me a lesson about my priorities.


Singing In My Car Became My Morning Fuel

For the past couple of months I’ve been singing in my car, loud as hell, every single work day (and sometimes at weekends). I’ve been recording every singing session and sending it to a good friend of mine (And he does the same thing in return). I know, from the outside, it’s probably one of the dumbest things ever, but it really starts up my day in the best way and makes it much better. I’ll try to explain why I’m doing it, so if you see me singing my ass out, you’ll think I’m a bit less stupid than I look.


The thing about inspiration

A couple of months ago I’ve been to an amazing trip to Berlin. This city has so much to offer and so many inspiring stories. What had me in my visit was the fact that people actually got out of their comfort zone, made incredible art in the streets and actually made a change. My instant reaction was “Holy shit. I wanna do this too!”. Looking back, that “Holy shit” was the moment I realized I’m inspired.